About Los Pinos

Our First Decade in Orting!

We've been so fortunate that our family restaurant has been an active part of the Orting community for ten years this coming March, 2010.  Jaime & Clementina Perez, owners of  Los Pinos Family Mexican Restaurant, along with relatives & friends from throughout the area, look forward to serving you soon.

Ask any local about Los Pinos, and you're sure to get the same response every time...with a different menu  item as its focus.  Everybody agrees on the two types of homemade salsa and Pico de Gallo as a treasured part of the community, but local favorites span from the regionally famous Tortilla Soup, to Chimichanga del Mar, Carne Asada, or the simple perfection that comes out in an incredible enchilada.

Everything stems from, as Clementina says it, "Tasty recipes from our beloved Mexico."


Active in the Orting Community

You'll see Los Pinos Family Mexican Restaurant throughout the community year-round. The fabulous patio is a centerpiece of many Orting community celebrations. Working with Groups and Organizations such as Communities in Schools, Orting Seniors and the Old Soldiers Home and supporting local sports, you'll see Los Pinos involved.

Recently remodeled to "celebrate our first ten years in Orting" locals also turn to the restaurant for catering and special occasions. One of those occasions is being present at the restaurant when Clementina picks up that microphone and starts singing "Happy Birthday!"

We look forward to serving you soon at Los Pinos Family Mexican Restaurant in Orting.